MycoForce Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal Transplanter


Symbio Mycorrhizal Transplanter provides plants with the ‘Mycorrhizal Advantage’ potentially doubling the growth rate of young plants. Potting compost, fallow soil and nursery plants raised on chemical fertilisers and fungicides, do not harbour essential mycorrhizal fungi.



Gives your plants the mycorrhizal advantage

 Contains: Endo & Ecto mycorrhizae, beneficial soil microbes, minerals, trace elements and humates.

  • Improves transplant survival rates
  • Accelerates growth rates of nursery stock and transplanted plant
  • Increases plant growth in poor soils
  • Reduces need for fertiliser, fungicide and water
  • Increases the natural vigour and health of the plant

APPLICATION RATE & DIRECTIONS Containerised and rootballed plants – Apply 1gm of Transplanter per litre of rootball. The object is to get an even coating of mycorrhizal spores over the young feeder root system on the outside of the rootball. Either:

  1. Dust the powder lightly over the root ball,
  2. Mix MycoForce Transplanter with water and drench the root ball or:
  3. Place Mycorrhizal Transplanter in the bottom of the planting pit or mix with the backfill that will come into contact with the feeder roots.

Cuttings –Moisten the cutting and dip it into the powder Seeds – mix with the seeds at a rate of 300gms per 750 sq.m of area to be seeded.

FOR BEST RESULTS Mycorrhizae help plants to establish in poor quality soil but to get the best results from your plants, transplant into a soil high in organic matter.. If applying fertiliser, use a low dose of slow release, preferably organic fertiliser with a low phosphate content. Mycorrhizal plants do not need heavy applications of fertiliser. (See MycoForce fertilisers) Mycorrhizal plants have a greater natural health and vigour. Healthier plants are more resistant to disease. If fungicides are needed, please refer to our advice sheet on fungicide compatibility and application. Herbicides and insecticides which do not harm the plant, do not interfere with mycorrhizal fungal development.

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