MycoForce Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal WhipDip


Symbio MycoForce Endo & Ecto WhipDip – For increased transplant survival and faster growth



Gives your plants the mycorrhizal advantage

For increased transplant survival

and faster growth

  • Improves transplant survival rates
  • Accelerates growth rates
  • Increases plant growth in poor soils
  • Reduces need for fertiliser, fungicide and water
  • Increases the natural vigour and health of the plant


100g is sufficient to make Dip for 220 whips or 1000 seedlings:

Add 100 grammes of Whip Dip and 1-2 hydro gel sachet to 3-6 litres of water while stirring (the actual hydro gel and water requirement will depend upon water hardness and plant root mass.). Dip the bare roots of the whips into the paste just before planting (if dipped offsite, cover the roots in plastic during transport).


Mycorrhizae help establish plants in poor quality soils but to get the best results from your plants, transplant into a soil high in organic matter. When planting into contaminated or compromised soils, contact our technical team for assistance with complementary soil amendments or soil bio-remediation.

If applying fertiliser, use a low dose of slow release, preferably organic fertiliser, with a low phosphate content. Mycorrhizal plants do not need heavy applications of fertiliser.

Mycorrhizal plants have a greater natural health and vigour. Healthier plants are more resistant to disease. If fungicides are needed, please refer to our advice sheet on fungicide compatibility and application. Herbicides and insecticides which do not harm the plant do not interfere with mycorrhizal fungal development.


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