Symbio Fulvic Booster (500ml)


To boost early and late season growth and plants growing in shady areas. Use for lawns, herbs, flowers and root vegetables especially potatoes. Mix with liquid fertilisers to improve their performance and accessibility.


A liquid solution of concentrated fulvic acid that improves the performance of fertilisers and enhances early / late season plant growth or those growing in low light conditions. Widely used by commercial growers to boost yields and improve crop size. Use for lawns, herbs, flowers and vegetables especially root vegetables and potatoes.

  • Increases the plants metabolism and rate of photosynthesis
  • Makes nutrients more accessible to the plant for increased growth and strength
  • Promotes vigorous root development for cuttings and seeds.
  • Perfect for areas of low light or shady areas


Application Rates

Symbio Fulvic Booster may be drenched into the soil or mixed with organic or inorganic fertilisers. For best results apply four times during the growing period (April – October)

For Lawns, flower beds and shrubs
Apply 20 ml per 10 square metre diluted with 10 litre of water in a watering can. Mix well and apply evenly for optimum results.

For Pot Plants
For a 10 Litre pot plant, apply 5 ml with 1 Litre of water. Mix well and apply evenly.

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