Symbio CMS Shoot 1L


Symbio CMS Shoot 5.0.2

Powerful organic fertiliser for vegetables, shrubs, pot plants and lawns rich in amino and fulvic acids.


Symbio CMS Shoot 5.0.2 contains amino acids, fulvic acids, carbohydrates and biostimulants to feed your plants and the beneficial microbes in your soil.

The nitrogen and potassium is immediately available through the roots and leaf to encourage early spring growth and rapid recovery from winter damage and summer stress

  • Broad spectrum fertiliser for all your plants
  • Rapid assimilation of nutrient through roots and shoots
  • Stimulates soil biology for early spring root and shoot growth.
  • Improves seed germination and survival.
  • Stimulates growth in ¬†areas of low light or shady areas
  • Used by professional nurseries and turf managers for professional results

 Application Rates

Symbio CMS Shoot 5.0.2 should be drenched into the soil. For best results apply every 2 weeks during the growing season

For Vegetables, flower beds, shrubs and pot plants
To increase vegetable size and weight and increase leaf and flower growth dilute 20 ml into 10 litres of water and drench the soil around the roots.

For Lawns.

Dilute 50 mls into at least 10 litres of water for every 10 sq.m of lawn. Apply from early spring to the end of summer

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