Symbio Liquid Seaweed (1L)


Symbio Liquid Seaweed containing 20% organic matter, is rich in organic carbon, trace elements and potassium for extra fruiting and flowering and is an extremely effective biostimulant increasing root and shoot growth. Seaweed contains amino acids which are the building blocks of protein in plant cells, along with essential trace elements, micro and macro nutrients


Symbio Liquid Seaweed – A concentrated seaweed solution, 20% organic matter with 2.4% potassium K2O.

  • Promotes vegetable and flower growth
  • High in carbohydrates; an essential building block for plant cells and soil microorganisms
  • Conditions the soil for long term health of the plant
  • Improves plant endurance against disease, heat and drought stress
  • Stimulates soil microorganisms


Application Guide

Apply every 2-3 weeks throughout the growing season


Add a 5ml  per litre of water and spray on leaves or drench rootzone

Vegetables, flowers, pot plants and shrubs

Add 20 ml to 10 litres of clean water and drench the rootzone. To encourage flowering plants and growth of tomatoes, courgettes etc, increase dose to 40ml in 10 litres of water from just before flowering to harvest.

Additional information

Weight 1.050 kg


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