BioBooster Organic High K Liquid Fertiliser (1L)


All year round liquid fertiliser and biostimulant for tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and other fruit forming crops and flowers. (N.P.K 3.0.8)


BioBooster Organic High K Liquid fertiliser (NPK, 3.0.8), is a year round fertiliser for fruit forming crops and flowers. 3.0.8 is a high potassium organic liquid fertiliser and biostimulant rich in plant proteins and trace elements. It provides nutrients to the plant and the soil microorganisms, which in turn, convert root exudates and organic matter to further plant food.

  • N.P.K 3.0.8
  • Contains key nutrients needed by the plant during flowering and fruit growth
  • Biostimulant promoting microbial growth
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants; tomatoes, cucumbers, fruits and flowers
  • Apply just before and during flowering and fruiting for exceptional growth / yield


Application Guide

1 litre makes up to 200 litres of plant food. Mix 25ml in 5 litres of water and apply weekly to plants in grow bags, hanging baskets, pots and containers and every 2-3 weeks to soil grown plants

Additional information

Weight 1.050 kg


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