Symbio MycoGro Organic Starter Fertiliser


Symbio MycoGro Organic Starter Fertiliser with Mycorrhizae and beneficial soil microorganisms.  For inert growing media; fallow soil; after a winter without plants; new lawns or as a Summer feed (N.P.K 5.3.8).



  • NPK 5.3.8.
  • Designed for newly sown lawns and as a summer lawn feed.
  • Ideal for new trees, shrubs and a starter fertiliser for vegetables and flowers
  • Provides slow release nutrients for long lasting growth.
  • Mycorrhizal fungi extend the root system, increase nutrient uptake, enhance stress tolerance and increase yields.
  • Mycorrhizae can halve the grow in period for new lawns


Application Guide

For trees, shrubs and plants
Apply at 100 gm / m2 or a handful around new trees and plants for natural slow release nutrition with the mycorrhizal advantage.

 For Lawns

An excellent starter fertiliser for new lawns. Provides steady growth and will not give a green flush. For ideal application, apply with a fertiliser spreader, water in after application.

Apply at 50 – 75 gm / m2

Apply every 6 to 8 weeks or as required.

Additional information

Weight 10.05 kg

10kg, 20kg


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