MycoGro Spring and Autumn Lawn Fertiliser


MycoGro Spring and Autumn Lawn Fertiliser with Mycorrhizae and thatch degrading microbes.  Containing a high amount of potassium with magnesium and iron and 50% organic matter for long lasting grass growth. (5.2.10).



Our Spring and Autumn Fertiliser contains a carefully blended N.P.K ratio of 5.2.10 with 4% Mg +2% Fe designed to encourage early season grass growth.  Enhanced with mycorrhizal fungi and thatch degrading microorganisms.

  • Provides a balanced high K feed for strong spring and autumn grass growth
  • Produces a strong, healthy and luscious lawn for summer
  • Also an ideal fertiliser for fruits and flowers at the fruiting and flowering stage
  • Contains slow release organic fertiliser for long lasting results
  • Thatch eating fungi convert dead grass and organic matter to plant food
  • Mycorrhizal fungi extend the root system, increase nutrient uptake and reduce plant stress i.e. drought.


Application Guide

For Fescue grass and closely mowed lawns apply at 30 gm / m2.
For standard lawns apply at 50-75 gm / m2.

To produce best results apply by fertiliser spreader.  Water in after application

Apply every 6 to 8 weeks or as required.

Additional information

Weight 10.05 kg

10kg, 20kg


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