MycoForce Mycorrhizal Transplanter


Symbio Mycorrhizal Transplanter provides plants with the ‘Mycorrhizal Advantage’ potentially doubling the growth rate of young plants. Potting compost, fallow soil and nursery plants raised on chemical fertilisers and fungicides, do not harbour essential mycorrhizal fungi.

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Our whole garden or allotment pack provides 9 species of common endo mycorrhizae and 9 species of ecto mycorrhizae that associate with nearly all known plants (85%).  It also contains beneficial soil bacteria and fungi, zeolites and trace elements.

Application: dust the powder onto seeds, bulbs, tubers or roots for a massively extended root system. (Does not work on brassicas or ericaceous plants)

  • Ideal for trees, shrubs, pot plants, vegetables and flowers
  • Massively enhances plant growth rate, fruit and vegetable yields and blossoms
  • Can double the rate of growth in new plants
  • Increases the root’s surface area, improving water and nutrient uptake
  • Provides resistance to drought stress in dry conditions
  • Easy to use, applied directly to the roots or seed before planting
  • Less than half the price per plant of competing mycorrhizal products


Seed drills apply 5 grams per metre of drill before seeding, or half a scoop around individual seeds in a pot.

Containerised plants and bulbs apply 2 grams per litre of root ball or each bulb. 1 heaped scoop = approx 4gms

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