Symbio Fizzy Tabs


Fish in ornamental ponds are greatly affected be dirty water.  Provide a clean pond for your fish and wildlife. Simply ‘throw in’ the required number of Symbio Fizzy Tabs each month for a cleaner healthier pond



Fish in ornamental ponds are greatly affected be dirty water. A build-up of nutrients and organic pollutants causes stress to the fish which can make them more susceptible to disease.
Regular use of Symbio Fizzy Tabs introduces beneficial bacteria into the water that help to degrade accumulating organic pollutants; reduce the build-up of toxic compounds in the water such as ammonia and nitrite and reduce the dissolved nutrients – nitrates and phosphates – that can fuel heavy algal growth.

On application, the naturally occurring bacteria in Symbio Fizzy Tabs grow on all the surfaces within the pond degrading organic wastes. This bacterial growth creates a bio-film that also makes the bottom and side surfaces easier to clean.  The reduced build-up of organic matter will also help to keep oxygen levels stable, preventing the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria that can result in the production of noxious gases such as hydrogen sulphide.

  • Reduces organic sludge build-up.
  • Diminishes the nutrients that fuel heavy algal growth.
  • Controls odour problems.
  • Restricts the build-up of compounds toxic to fish
  • Makes pond cleaning quicker and easier

 How to apply

Simply drop the required number of tablets into the pond.

  • 500 litres 2-4 tablets per month
  • 500 – 5,000 litres 4-8 tablets per month
  • 5,000 – 25,000 litres 8-15 tablets per month

Tube Size: 20 Tablets

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